Home Security Tips

Here are a few home security tips to keep your family safe:

Lock your doors and windows. It seems like a simple chore; however, we all sometimes forget this crucial step in home protection. The more obstacles you create for an intruder, the more time you will have to get control of the situation.

Get an alarm system. This is another important step, however, relying totally on an alarm system can give you a false sense of security. Criminals can cut your phone line prior to breaking in, so even if your system is monitored…summoning help could be hindered.

Have a plan. If you fail to plan…you plan to fail. Just as your family should have a plan in case of a fire…you and your family should prepare for the case of an intruder. It is more than likely that you will not have a firearm in every room of the house. Walk through your house and have a plan in each room that will help you get to the ‘safe room’.

In each room you will need:

Access to a phone. If you have any old un-activated cell phones lying around, have them charging in an outlet in each room -you can always dial 911 from an un-activated phone and in the case where an intruder cuts the main phone line….this will be your life line.

A barrier. Place something between yourself and the intruder…a bed, a solid door, a table that can be turned over, etc.

A weapon. Something to defend yourself with…pepper spray, a bat, golf club, etc. If you are in the kitchen, and can’t get to your firearm…improvise! Throw that pot of boiling water on the stove at the intruder – that will be sure to halt your assailant.

A kitchen knife, chemicals sprayed in the eyes anything to incapacitate your assailant so that you can get your family to a ‘safe room’ with your firearm, and take up a defensive position behind a barrier and call for help. That is what is meant by ‘have a plan”.

Have a Plan:

Have a “Safe Room”. This room should be your ultimate destination in the unfortunate event of a break in. This room should have a strong SOLID door with reinforced locks and hinges. Hollow interior doors, with weak locks or hinges can be easily kicked through in seconds. Take up a defensive position behind a solid piece of furniture, where you can keep an eye on the door. Have your firearm loaded and ready to fire – pointed at the door. Have a phone with a script listing your crucial information to direct the 911 operator, i.e. address name etc. You will be surprised what simple information you will forget in an emergency situation.

Communicate with the assailant. Tell them you have a gun pointed at the door and you are on the phone with the police.

Remember YOU are your own best protection.

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