Concealed Carry Classes / License to Carry Instruction

In class we will discuss:

Handgun safety.
Basic fundamentals of pistol shooting.
Basic firearm care and maintenance.
Safe storage of firearms.
License to carry legal requirements.
Laws related to conflict resolution & justifiable force.
Live range fire training.

For more information about the Post Exchange, or Concealed Carry Class Calendar, please call! 337-519-5428

Taking responsibility for the safety of yourself and your family is a very noble act. But taking on such a responsibility comes with plenty of very important questions, such as: What firearm is right for me? Do I need a permit to buy a gun? Does it need to be registered? Do need a permit to concealed carry?

We instruct people who have been shooting all of their lives, as well as people who have never held a firearm before. Post Exchange will help you in every step of the process, from choosing a firearm, to marksmanship training. We offer advance and instruction tailored to your needs and abilities. Personalized service is what separates Post Exchange from the big box stores.

Purchasing a firearm is a great first step in defending yourself and your family…but it is not enough. You must educate yourself and your family in order to properly maintain safe firearm presence in the home. A firearm in the home can be an excellent defensive asset, as well as a liability if everyone in the home is not properly educated on the use and safe handling procedures of the firearm.

The instructor at Post Exchange has a military, law enforcement, and competitive shooting background, and has been an instructor for over 14 years. George has the skills and experience to transform a newbie into a qualified firearm handler.

When you want to carry a concealed handgun, you have to undergo training and learn the basic rules. At Post Exchange you receive professional shooting training for handguns and education on Louisiana Concealed Carry Laws. We have the added bonus on an on-site, outdoor gun range at our location. No need to drive to the range after class…you are already here.


227 Austin Rd
Youngsville, LA 70592