Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday

September 4-6 Louisiana 2nd Amendment Sales Tax Holiday

Every year since 2009, Louisiana has an annual tax free holiday weekend intended to encourage sportsmen to purchase guns, ammunition and other hunting supplies. The Louisiana Department of Revenue allows certain 2nd Amendment-centric / hunting items to be purchased sales tax-free at any participating retailers within Louisiana.

The tax-free weekend not only incentivizes the purchase of hunting and sporting equipment, but the event brings customers into stores, benefiting Louisiana businesses and the local economy.

You can read about Louisiana’s sales tax holiday program by visiting the Louisiana Department of Revenue website, or calling the Louisiana Department of Revenue’s informational hotline at (855) 307-3893 .

Items Eligible For Tax-Free Purchase

  • Revolvers. Pistols. Handguns. Shotguns. Rifles.
  • Holsters.
  • Ammunition intended to be fired from a gun.
  • Hunting accessories. Hearing Protection.
  • Apparel items. Camouflage clothing. Jackets. Thermal Underwear. Safety Gear.
  • ATV’s designed for hunting.
  • Animal feed manufactured for consumption by game that can be legally hunted.
  • Archery items.
  • Hunting Blinds. Decoys. Tree Stands.
  • Knives primarily for the use of hunting.
  • Optical equipment.

Post Exchange Firearm Sales

Post Exchange in Youngsville, LA is Acadiana’s premier location for firearm sales and concealed carry classes. We are a local source for all manner of firearms and gun safety instruction. George Fournet, our NRA certified instructor, can not only help you get the right weapon but can teach you how to use it. Take advantage of Louisiana’s 2nd Amendment Tax Free Weekend.




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