Reasons to Take a Concealed Carry Class

Why Should I Take a Concealed Carry Class

Distrust and caution are the parents of security. – Benjamin Franklin

Taking the concealed carry course does not mean that you have to apply for the permit. Having a permit does not mean that you have to carry a firearm.

Isn’t it better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it?

Reasons to Take a Concealed Carry Class

Protecting Yourself & Those Around You


Clearly this is the most obvious answer, but it’s the most accurate answer. We go to great measures to protect ourselves. We lock our vehicles and our houses. Install fancy remote-access, app controlled security systems. There’s a gun in the house. The beat-up Louisville Slugger in the closet.  Our cars even have panic buttons. But we leave all our protections behind when we leave home.

Doesn’t it just make sense to bring your personal security system along?


Police Can’t Be Everywhere

2. Timing

Take personal responsibility for your safety. You never know when and where you might be when you need access to a gun for protection.

It would be great if there were always a police officer nearby. But the simple truth is, the police can’t personally protect every citizen. Police response times to an emergency in the home or out in public can be slow. Sometimes, we must take care of ourselves. The best way to ensure your personal, immediate safety is to be armed. Simply having a gun and announcing your intent to use it can often deter assailants.

Knowledge Is Power

3. Education

Firearms can be dangerous when they are handled by people who don’t know what they are doing. Our concealed carry course gives you access to an experience instructor who will teach you what you need to know about basic gun safety, loading & unloading a firearm, maintenance & safe storage of weapons, Louisiana conceal carry laws, and basic marksmanship. Taking the concealed carry course does not mean that you have to apply for the permit. Basic firearm instruction and safety is good information for everyone in a household with firearms to know.

If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

4. Preparation

Having a plan. Knowing what to do. Being prepared to do what is necessary to defend your life.

Carrying a firearm makes you more aware of your surroundings, more observant to situations. Concealed carry classes discuss potential situations that may arise when you are carrying a firearm and how you should handle them. Being prepared to respond properly to law enforcement while carrying is a MUST! Being prepared to confront an aggressor is a MUST! Our classes prepare you for real world situational awareness.

It’s Your Right

5. Second Amendment

Quite simply you should take a concealed carry class and carry a firearm because you can. It’s a right afforded to law abiding citizens by the United States Constitution and the State of Louisiana. The right to self-protection should never be taken for granted. It is our duty as citizens to exercise our rights.

A concealed carry class is training to receive a permit to carry a concealed firearm. It teaches you what you need to know about License To Carry laws. You leave our class with a complete understanding of concealed carry permit requirements and expectations. To become a highly skilled shooter, you need continued practice.

Firearm proficiency comes from hours spent on the range.

Post Exchange not only wants you to receive your concealed carry permit, we want you to be a safe, competent shooter. We offer you a little something extra with our classes. Anyone who takes our concealed carry class can schedule FREE range instruction with our NRA certified marksmanship trainer for the next FIVE YEARS!!

You’ve probably got your own reason for taking a concealed carry course. Whatever the reason, Post Exchange offers regular classes. Contact us today to schedule your seat.

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